Problems with the Order Form?

Did not see the 'date/time of submission' message when you submitted your order?

When you click on the SUBMIT button and confirm that you do want to submit your order, two things should happen. A window should 'pop up' saying
'Please do not close your browser or disconnect yetů please wait until you receive a confirmation message below'
A short time later, a message giving you the date and time that your order was submitted should replace that part of the screen which originally held the order form you were filling out.

If the date/time message does not appear or if you get any sort of error message instead, it could mean that the transfer of your order was not completed and that we have not received your order. In this case, please contact us on 47713111 to check if your order has been received.

On some browsers, the 'pop up' window takes up the whole screen instead of only being a small window that sits on top of a portion of the order form that you were filling out. In this case your date and time message will not be visible unless you 'minimise' the 'pop up' window. You can minimise the popup window by clicking on the '-' symbol at the top right of the window (that is, the leftmost of the three symbols at the top right of the window)

Order form 'locking up', very slow to load, etc etc.

Here are some know bugs/incompatibilities with various browsers and browser addons - and some possible fixes.


Up to and including Version 3.0.xx of Firefox, there were no reported problems with the website or order form using Firefox

However, the order form DOES NOT WORK with the new versions of Firefox (ie Version 3.5.xx) There has been a lot of chatter on various forums about the bugs in V3.5 and it seems that our site is not the only one affected by the changes in the new version.

It is relatively easy to 'downgrade' to version 3.0 of Firefox

Go to

Click on the English(british)-windows-download button (the one with the little windows flag icon beside it)

Save and then Run, or just Run this file, and then follow the prompts.

All your bookmarks etc should be saved

Internet Explorer

Google toolbar on Internet Explorer causes the order form to take forever to load. Once loaded (after perhaps 5 minutes) it seems to work OK.

The simple fix is to start Internet Explorer with no add-ons by going
Start>All programs>Accessories>System Tools>Internet Explorer(NoAdd-ons)
We had not had any repports of problems with Internet Explorer running in this mode

Alternatively, if you don't make much use of the Google Toolbar you can disable it by going to Tools>Manage Add-ons on the Internet Explorer Menu Bar, and disable the Google addons. There may be other add-ons that cause problems that we have not yet specifically identified and in that case it may be best to start Internet Explorer by the Internet Explorer(no Add-ons) option described above