How to Pay

You can pay for your order by either Cash on Delivery, or by credit card. COD is only available for Townsville/Thuringowa deliveries made by our own drivers as cash cannot be given to couriers and other transport.

We will need to obtain your credit card details prior to your first delivery. We will need your credit card details even if you wish to pay by COD, just in case unforseen circumstances prevent the arrangements to receive Cash on Delivery being met. We can accept Visa and Mastercard.

We will hold your details and charge your order to your credit card whenever you authorise us to by saying YES to the question on the order form. We put through the charge to the credit card after your order has been packed and the invoicing completed.

Because bag sizes may vary slightly from the nominal sizes, and because it is possible that you may not receive some items that you order, we cannot tell you your precise invoice total prior to you receiving your order.